Medical Education Concentration

The Medical Education Concentration is designed to prepare students for careers in medical teaching and educational research. Our goal is to provide essential training which will enable graduates to advance health professions education. Program participants will complete coursework covering teaching strategies, research methods, team dynamics and other skills that will position graduates to lead and inspire others to learn. 

The Medical Education Concentration is offered at PCOM (Philadelphia, PA) and PCOM Georgia (Suwanee, GA).

Upon completion of a Medical Education Concentration, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate interdisciplinary knowledge of higher education delivery systems
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the broad range of topics within anatomy   
  • Apply advanced teaching methods
  • Apply their knowledge toward the successful implementation of course content  
  • Show proficiency in written and oral communication
Plan of Study Grid
Second Year
Term 1Hours
BIOM 624 Design Thinking in Medical Ed 3
Term 2
BIOM 623 Integrative Anatomical Skills 3
BIOM 678 Scientific Communication Skill 1
BIOM 690 Research Methods 2
Term 3
BIOM 625 Small Teaching Strategies 3
SEDP 772 The Psychology of Teaching 3
Term 4
ODL 535 Leading with Emotional Intelligence 3
ODL 505 Team Dynamics 3
ODL 528 Diversity Equity Inclusion Leadership: Building Bridges 3
 Total Hours24
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Term 1Hours
BIOM 549G Scientific Communication 2
BIOM 550G Research Survey Seminar 0
BIOM 553G Basic Concepts Biomedical Model 2
BIOM 562G Homeostasis and Organ Systems I 5
BIOM 559G Biostatistics 2
Term 2
BIOM 550G Research Survey Seminar 0
BIOM 558G Biochemistry, Cell, & Molecular Biology 5
BIOM 554G Neuroscience 3
BIOM 618G Epidemiology 1
Term 3
BIOM 563G Homeostasis and Organ Systems II 5
Micro Anatomy and Embryology
or HNRS Micro Anatomy and Embryology
 Total Hours29