International Students

International Students Information

PCOM has been approved to process F-1 visas. International students’ paperwork is processed through the DSO.

Prior to the start of their first term, international students must submit tuition for the duration of the program. These funds will be placed in a PCOM escrow account. International students are not eligible for federal financial aid. 

International students must process their I-20 form with the Registrar's Office. If the student attended another school in the United States prior to PCOM, that school can transfer the I-20 form to PCOM. However if the student has not attended another school in the United States, the Registrar's Office will create the I-20 form and mail it to the student's address in their country of origin. The student then must process the I-20 form at the embassy in their country of origin.  

International students must be enrolled full time each term and continue to make academic progress.

Many International students are restricted from completing online courses in the United States, depending on the regulations in their country of origin.