Computer Systems, Network, and Email Policies

The College email system supports communication between all College users, including students, faculty, staff and administration. All administrative and financial information distributed electronically will be transmitted primarily via PCOM email.

The College’s Information Technology Services (ITS) resources are provided to students to enhance their learning experience. Utilization of these resources for personal gain or illegal or inappropriate activities is prohibited. (See “Computer Policies and Procedures” under the ITS web page at

PCOM’s Use of PCOM Information Systems, PCOM Owned Devices and Personal Devices Policy can be found on the Resources Section of MyPCOM.

The following are examples of prohibited activity:
● Use of a computer system attached to College resources to capture data packets (e.g., “sniffer”);
● Accessing (e.g., read, write, modify, delete, copy, move) another user’s files or electronic mail without the owner’s written permission;
● Abuse of networks or computers at other sites through the use of the College’s resources;
● Attempts to circumvent information technology protection schemes or exploit security loopholes;
● Use of the PCOM Network for entertainment purposes.