Email Policies

The College email system should be used as the primary source of communication for College users, including students, faculty, staff and administration.

It is the responsibility of all students to check their campus email every day — students will be held responsible for all notices or announcements sent to them in this manner. PCOM will never send information to a student’s non-PCOM email account.

Students may not use the PCOM group email functions without the permission of the Office of Student Affairs on their respective campus.

Inappropriate use of email, examples of which are described below, is prohibited and will result in disciplinary action:

  1. The creation and exchange of messages that are harassing, obscene or threatening, including messages containing offensive comments about race, gender, age, sexual orientation, pornography, religious or political beliefs, national origin, or disability.
  2. The unauthorized exchange of proprietary information or any other privileged, confidential, and sensitive information.
  3. The exchange of advertisements, solicitations, chain letters and other unofficial, unsolicited email.
  4. The creation and exchange of information in violation of any laws, including copyright laws, or College policies.
  5. The misrepresentation of the identity of the sender of an email.

The use or attempt to use the accounts for political appeals, editorializing, religious messaging or partisan (including issue-partisan) lobbying.The use or attempt to use the accounts for personal financial gain in connection with outside (non-College) consulting, business or employment, except as authorized and approved by the College administration.