Digital Library and Educational Resource Materials Terms of Use

All PCOM students have access to digital resources in the Library both on and off campus. Users must log in using the PCOM Network ID and password.

Electronic resources provided by the Library are governed by license agreements with our publishers and vendors. Sharing access is strictly forbidden. All educational resources and intellectual property provided by the Library, PCOM, its faculty, and other employees are protected by U.S. Copyright law including, without limitation, PowerPoint slides, PDFs, lectures, handouts, digital materials, and test forms. These are provided to students for personal use only.

  1. Sharing access is forbidden. Your Library account is for your personal use and may not be shared with others whether part of or outside of the institution.
  2. Copyright restrictions apply.
  3. Downloading excessive portions of databases or electronic journals is prohibited.
  4. Posting downloaded material, on a website, social media account or page, or via email is prohibited.
  5. Use of resources for commercial purposes is prohibited.
  6. Material may not be modified or altered.

Publishers’ copyright statements and logos may not be removed.Additional restrictions may apply to select electronic resources.