Use of Information Technology Resources


PCOM Information Technology Services (ITS) resources are provided to students to enhance their learning experience. Utilization of these resources for personal gain or illegal or inappropriate activities is prohibited. 

The following are examples of prohibited activity: 

  • Accessing (e.g., read, write, modify, delete, copy, move) another user’s files or electronic mail without the College’s approval

  • Abuse of network or computer resources
  • Attempts to circumvent information security protocols or exploit security loopholes (e.g. bypassing browser configurations; network data capture, etc.)
  • Use of the PCOM network for entertainment purposes. 
  • Violation of College policies and State, Federal and local laws

Use of the PCOM computer network is for educational and informational purposes. Abuse or inappropriate use of the PCOM Network will be subject to disciplinary action. All students are responsible for using the PCOM computer labs in a professional, efficient, ethical and lawful manner. 

Use of the network and PCOM systems is a privilege, which may be revoked at any time for misuse. 

PCOM information systems are to be used only for assigned purposes and are not to be used for commercial purposes or non-College-related activities. Fraudulent, harassing or obscene messages and/or materials are not to be sent, printed, requested or stored. 

All software is licensed to PCOM and may not be copied or distributed. The ITS Department should be contacted regarding licensing, distribution and installation of non-standard software necessary for the support of special projects. Contact the PCOM ITS Department at 215-871-6110 or by email at with questions about PCOM’s information technology policies. 

The full Use of PCOM Information System, PCOM-Owned Devices and Personal Devices Policy (2.70) can be found on MyPCOM, Resources section.

The full Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources and System Policy (2.71) can be found on MyPCOM, Resources section.


The College email system should be used as the primary source of communication for PCOM users, including students, faculty, staff and administration.

It is the responsibility of all students to check their PCOM email daily.  Students will be held responsible for all notices or announcements sent to them via email. Personal email accounts are not to be used for PCOM related communication.  

Students may not use the PCOM group email functions without the permission of the Office of Student Affairs on their respective campus. 

Inappropriate use of email, examples of which are described below, is prohibited and will result in disciplinary action: 

  • The creation and exchange of messages that are harassing, obscene or threatening, including messages containing offensive comments about race, gender, age, sexual orientation, pornography, religious or political beliefs, national origin, or disability. 

  • The unauthorized exchange of proprietary information or any other privileged, confidential, and sensitive information. 

  • The exchange of advertisements, solicitations, chain letters and other unofficial, unsolicited email. 

  • The creation and exchange of information in violation of any laws, including copyright laws, or College policies. 

  • The misrepresentation of the identity of the sender of an email. 

  • The use or attempt to use the accounts for political appeals, editorializing, religious messaging or partisan (including issue-partisan) lobbying. 

  • The use or attempt to use the accounts for personal financial gain in connection with outside (non-College) consulting, business or employment, except as authorized and approved by the College administration. 


PCOM students are required to change their network password at least every 180 days. 

PCOM students can use the ITS Portal at to reset their network password.  Users can log in using the network username and current password that you received via email, and then click on “Change Password”. Please contact the ITS Service Desk at 215-871-6110 for assistance with password lockouts. 

Multi-factor authentication is required for access to all PCOM applications including email.  New students will receive instructions to enroll in Duo and Google Authenticator.

The full Mobile Device Management Policy (1.70) can be found on MyPCOM, Resources section.