Refund Process

If a student withdraws from classes within seven weeks from the start of the term, a pro-rata refund or tuition credit may be authorized. In the case of full withdrawals, the effective date of the withdrawal is the date on which the student filed with the Provost or Registrar a written notification of withdrawal or a request for a leave of absence.

Clinical rotation students

Students taking part in an off campus clinical assignment who take a leave of absence after completing one or more rotations for a term will not receive a tuition refund. Rather, when the student returns from their leave of absence, the student will not be charged additional tuition beyond the full tuition required for completion of their programs. However, if the student decides to withdraw from the program after completing one or more rotations, the student will receive a prorated tuition refund based on the number of rotations completed compared to the number of rotations required as part of their program of study. Those students impacted by this include, but are not limited to, 3rd and 4th year Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, 4th year Pharmacy, 2nd year Physician Assistant, and 3rd year Physical Therapy.