Refund Schedule

Withdrawal Within:                                                                                    Tuition Owed                     Credit

1st week of class (up to 5% of instructional time)                                          0%                               100%

2nd week of class (>5% but </=10% of Instructional time)                           10%                                90%

3rd and 4th week of class (>10% but </=25% of Instructional time)             25%                                75%

5th through 7th week of class  (>10% but </=25% of Instructional time)      50%                                50%

After 7th week of class                                                                                          100%                                  0%

No fee or portion of a fee is refundable. The refund policy is subject to change at the discretion of the Board of Trustees, but in no instance will such a change become retroactive.

All federal financial aid funds are credited or returned in compliance with the Federal Return Policy schedule.

In special circumstances, including medical/family emergency, military reservist activation, or academic dismissal (or denial of academic appeal) based on a previous term’s academic performance, a dean can petition the Chief Financial Officer, who may authorize a full refund of tuition or a refund greater than what is applicable according to the refund policy.