Neuro-Behavioral Science Concentration

This program of study will provide interdisciplinary exposure to the application of neuroscience and the relationships between the brain and behavior. Upon completion of a Neurobehavioral Concentration, the student will be able to:
• Demonstrate interdisciplinary knowledge of therapeutic and behavioral interventions
• Demonstrate an understanding of scientific method, data analysis, and empirical inquiry
• Demonstrate advanced knowledge of the neurological aspects of behavior and the contribution of neuroscience to interventions
• Apply advanced skills to access, synthesize and interpret relevant literature
• Apply their knowledge toward the successful implementation of a capstone project focused on the application of neuroscience to a topic of interest
• Show proficiency in written and oral communication of the application of neuroscience

Will require 24 credits beyond the foundation year for the degree

Plan of Study Grid
Second Year
Term 1Hours
BIOM 678 Scientific Communication Skill 1
BIOM 690 Research Methods 2
COUN 531 Introduction to Clinical Mental Health Counseling (Virtual Course) 3
ODL 528 Diversity Equity Inclusion Leadership: Building Bridges 3
Term 2
BIOM 679 Capstone: Neurobehavioral Science 2
ODL 516
Developing Systems Literacy: Organizational Workshop (Choose Two)
or Comm Skills for Leaders
or Coaching Skills for Leaders
Term 3
BIOM 626G Neurobiology of Disease (Virtual Course) 4
Computational Neuroscience (Virtual Courses BIOM 621G & ODL 535)
or Team Dynamics
or Leading with Emotional Intelligence
or Foundations and Systems of Organizational Development
 Total Hours24
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Term 1Hours
BIOM 503 Human Anatomy 6
BIOM 504 Histology 4
Term 2
BIOM 501 Molecular Basis of Medicine 7
BIOM 502 The Infectious Process 3
Term 3
BIOM 505 Neurosciences 3
BIOM 506 Medical Pharmacology 3
BIOM 507 Physiology 3
 Total Hours29