Organizational Leadership in the Biosciences

Students will develop vital skills in the areas of:

  • conflict resolution
  • facilitation
  • effective communications
  • consensus-building
  • project leadership
  • meeting design
  • collaboration


Biomedical Sciences – Forensic Biology concentration

  • Students will have the opportunity to train in the field of forensic medicine. Biomedical Sciences – Neuroscience concentration.
  • Students will gain additional knowledge into the field of neuroscience. Biomedical Sciences – Population Health concentration.
  • Students will be exposed to the fields public health and psychology
  • Students wishing to pursue concentrations in Forensic Biology, Population Health and Neuroscience must transfer to the Philadelphia Campus for the second year.

Biomedical Sciences– Medical Simulation Concentration

  • Students will be instructed on how to develop Medical simulation training programs for all levels of healthcare. During this course students will earn their National EMT certificate learn to manage, run, develop, simulation center using high fidelity mannequins, actors, virtual reality, and task trainers.

Biomedical Science Organizational Leadership Concentration – Philadelphia and Georgia Campus

This program provides students who entered in the first year as a Biomedical Science student to pursue a concentration in Organizational Development and Leadership in their second year of their program.

This concentration is a total of 24 credits beyond the first year of their Biomedical Science. Requirements for this Concentration can be found under biomedical Science section.

Plan of Study Grid
Second Year
Term 1Hours
ODL 501 Foundations and Systems of Organizational Development 3
ODL 508 Leadership for Practitioners 3
ODL 510 Capstone: Action Research Project 3
ODL 516 Developing Systems Literacy: Organizational Workshop 3
ODL 517 Comm Skills for Leaders 3
ODL 504
Personal and Professional Development (Six Options, Pick 3)
or Team Dynamics
or Social Factors and Cultural Diversity
or Managing Emotional Systems in the Work Place
or Appreciative Inquiry
or Adventure Leadership
 Total Hours24
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Term 1Hours
BIOM 503 Human Anatomy 6
BIOM 504 Histology 4
Term 2
BIOM 501 Molecular Basis of Medicine 7
BIOM 502 The Infectious Process 3
Term 3
BIOM 505 Neurosciences 3
BIOM 506 Medical Pharmacology 3
BIOM 507 Physiology 3
 Total Hours29