Public and Population Health Leadership Concentration

This program is a comprehensive approach that provides an understanding of public health practices. Upon completion of a Public Health Concentration, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of public health topics
  • Demonstrate an understanding of scientific method, data analysis, and empirical inquiry
  • Apply advanced skills to access, synthesize and interpret relevant literature
  • Apply their knowledge toward the successful implementation of a capstone project focused on public health
  • Show proficiency in written and oral communication of the application of public health topics

2nd Year Requirements Public and Population Health Concentration

Four PPHL Courses
PPHL 501Foundations of Public and Population Health Systems3
PPHL 502Emergency and Crisis Leadership in Public and Population Health3
PPHL 503Integrative Health Policy, Advocacy and Innovation3
PPHL 504Manager's Use of Data: Evidenced-Based Practice to Inform Decision Making3
Possible Replacement Courses
PPHL 506Managed Care in Health Services Leadership: Navigating Complex Payer Systems3
HSL 505Risk Management in Health and Human Service Leadership3
Four ODL Courses
ODL 528Diversity Equity Inclusion Leadership Lab3
Choose 3 of the following
ODL 508Leadership for Practitioners3
ODL 522Leader as Meeting Designer and Facilitator3
ODL 520Appreciative Inquiry3
ODL 526Managing Self and Emotional Systems in the Workplace3
ODL 516Developing Systems Literacy: Organizational Workshop3
ODL 517Communication Skills for Leaders3
ODL 524Coaching Skills for Leaders3
ODL 527Managing Strategic Change: Dialog and Intervention3
ODL 535Leading with Emotional Intelligence3
Total Credits for completion of concentration = 24 credits