Attendance Policy

OLICY #7.010
Policy Name: Attendance Policy

Policy Category: Administrative Policy

Responsible Department: Academic Affairs

Effective Date: May 2023

Academic Affairs Policy 7.004 – Leave of Absence, Withdrawal, and Change in Status Process.

This policy addresses general information, policies, procedures, and regulations for student attendance at PCOM.

No person is allowed to attend a class unless officially enrolled in a credit or non-credit basis with the appropriate fees paid.


General Information

No person is allowed to attend a class unless officially enrolled on a credit or non-credit basis with the appropriate fees paid. Students who attend, participate, and strive to complete course requirements without formal enrollment will not receive credit for their work.
There is no institution-wide regulation requiring class attendance. However, attendance is an essential and intrinsic element of the educational process. In any course in which attendance is necessary to the achievement of a clearly defined set of course objectives, it may be a valid consideration in determining the student's grade. It is the responsibility of the instructor to define the policy for attendance at the beginning of the course. See individual program handbooks and course syllabi for additional information.

Documentation of Attendance
No grade shall be assigned for a student in a course unless the instructor verifies and documents the student has attended and met the minimum expectations for the course. Individual course instructors have the responsibility and prerogative for managing student attendance. The instructors’ policy regarding attendance should be included in the course syllabus and communicated to the students at the beginning of the course.

Records of course attendance are the responsibility of the faculty. Such documentation may include any of the following:
 Presence in class through roll-call, sign-in, or electronic verification
 Presence at required class events, such as laboratories, seminars, or small group discussions
 Presence for assessments
 Third-party verification, such as clinical site preceptor evaluations and communications with PCOM programs

Interpretation Authority: Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Reviewed by the Registrar, Chief of Student Services, and Associate Provost, 05/05/23
Reviewed by the Provost, 05/08/23

Approved by the Provost, 05/08/23