Academic Standing

Student scholastic achievement is reviewed on an ongoing basis by each program’s Student Progress Evaluation Committee (SPEC). The SPEC Committees makes a recommendation to the Dean of the student's respective program.

Categories of Academic Standing
The categories of academic standing are as follows:

Good Standing
Status of a student who has met course requirements in a satisfactory manner and has demonstrated professional behavior.


A departmental written warning may be issued to any student who has incurred an exam, course, clerkship or preceptorship failure(s) subject to a validation or remediation. Issuance of a letter of academic warning is intended to alert the student that academic deficiencies have been recorded and must be remediated to meet promotion requirements. The student retains good academic standing.


Status of a student who has demonstrated a marginal level of performance to the degree that any additional course deficiencies will make the student liable for dismissal according to College policy.

Action, after review of the academic deficiency or deficiencies of a student by the Student Academic Progress and Policy Committee, whereby a student may be dismissed from the academic program of the College.