Grades and Grading

Grading Policy

Course directors determine the means by which the final grade will be computed which may include exam scores, written assignments, laboratory exercises, practical examinations, class participation and other means of evaluation. 


PCOM has three academic terms that consist of 13 weeks in each term, followed by a summer session. All courses are defined on the basis of credit hours,

Credit hour – In-person instruction sessions per term or the equivalent for mixed instructional methods that equals (12.5) 60-minute hours, (15) 50-minute hours, or 750 minutes. These are all equal.

Matriculation and Degree Conferral

Matriculation and attendance at the College are privileges granted to the student in consideration of performance of specified assignments and the maintenance of established standards of personal and professional conduct. The College reserves the right, and the student, by the act of matriculation, concedes to the College the right to require withdrawal at any time the College deems it necessary to safeguard PCOM standards of scholarship, conduct and compliance with regulations, or for such other reasons deemed appropriate by the College. If a member of the faculty, staff or administration determines that the presence of a student would be disruptive to the College or represents a possible threat to the safety of faculty, students, staff, patients, clients or others, the student may immediately be withdrawn from all activities. The President or Provost may place the student in question on immediate leave of absence pending investigation, required documentation and/or referral for committee action.

Each candidate for a degree or certificate of graduate study must be free of indebtedness to the College. Neither a diploma nor an academic transcript will be given until all financial obligations to PCOM have been met.

Continuing Education

Continuing education (CE) and continuing medical education (CME) programs are designed to be informative, collaborative and participatory. These are offered in online and in-person teaching formats, including face-to-face conferences, live webinars and on-demand courses.

Grade Appeals

If a student wishes to challenge a final course grade, the student must follow the timelines and procedures outlined in their program of study Handbook.