School of Pharmacy Grades

Doctor or Pharmacy program grade point average is based on a 4.0 scale. Doctor of Pharmacy grading structure is as follows:

The Pass-Fail (P or NP grades)  grading policy is only applicable to those courses that are graded on the pass or fail basis. It does not apply to those courses that are graded on the letter grading scale. For letter grade determination, the final percentage earned in the class will be rounded to the nearest whole number.

Grade Quality Points Percentage
A 4.00 90 - 100
B 3.00 80 - less than 90
C 2.00 70 - less than 80
D 1.00 65 - less than 70
F 0.00 Failure
P N/A Pass (Does not affect GPA)
NP N/A No Pass (Does not affect GPA)
RP N/A Remediated Pass
RF N/A Remediated Failure
W/WP/WF N/A Withdrawal
I N/A Incomplete
AU N/A Audit

Incomplete (I): A student who does not complete the course because of excused reasons will receive an incomplete. Six weeks after the end of the term, the incomplete will revert to a failure under most circumstances.

Withdrawal (W): A student who takes a leave of absence or withdraws from the course or program prior to the midpoint of the term or course, as designated in the syllabus, will receive a W on the transcript. Withdrawing after the specified date will result in a WP or WF, based on the earned grade to date.

F grades do not count toward credits earned for the degree program.