Disability Accommodation Request Process

A student with a documented disability may request reasonable accommodations. This request must be accompanied by appropriate documentation that establishes that the student has a specific disability that supports the accommodation(s) requested. All requests for information should be emailed to the Equity and Title IX Team at disabilityservices@pcom.edu.

The Equity and Title IX Team will provide the student with the PCOM Guide to Disability Services as well as instructions for the accommodation request process. Once all required documentation is submitted, the review process will begin. The Equity and Title IX team will notify the student of the outcome of the accommodation request, and a plan for implementing any approved accommodations will be set in motion.

Once accommodations are approved, they are not retroactive. They are enacted within a reasonable timeframe going forward from the date of the accommodation approval. 

The Equity and Title IX Team (Equity and Title IX Manager and Equity Coordinator) facilitate the interactive process for disability accommodations at PCOM. For more information, please email: mailto:disabilityservices@pcom.edu.