Media Policy

The PCOM Associate Director of News & Media Relations is responsible for handling all media contact regarding Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, its faculty, staff and student body. When a member of the media contacts PCOM to request information or an interview, the Public Relations Manager contacts the Associate Director of News & Media Relations contacts the appropriate individual and makes arrangements to meet the needs of the media.

Please be aware that using any official rendition of the PCOM logo or speaking on behalf of PCOM requires prior approval:

  1. To speak on behalf of PCOM, you must obtain verbal or written approval from the PCOM Associate Director of News & Media Relations or the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer. Students should limit contributions to topics related to their area of expertise and ensure that all statements are truthful. The student’s relationship with PCOM must be disclosed in a “clear and conspicuous” manner, such as “I am a PCOM student.”
  2. If students have an idea that they would like to pitch to the media, they should work with the Associate Director of News & Media Relations. It is essential that the Marketing and Communications Department be made aware of all media contact.
  3. To use the official PCOM logo in any form, students must request authorization by contacting the PCOM Office of Marketing and Communications for permission. Questions can be directed to the Office of Student Affairs on any PCOM campus.

When using social media, please be aware that even with PCOM’s approval, you may be liable for your actions online. PCOM's full Social Media Policy can be found on the Resources page of MyPCOM.