Political Activities

PCOM Community Members are encouraged to participate in community and political activities, and to express their political opinions and views. However, unless specifically authorized in advance to speak on PCOM’s behalf, Members must engage in political activities only on their own time and at their own expense, and must never act or speak, or give the appearance that they are acting or speaking, as a representative of the College. Under such circumstances, it is imperative that Members disclose that any comments are their personal opinion and do not represent the views of PCOM. When activities (such as lobbying activities relating to issues of importance to the College’s purpose or mission) are undertaken by PCOM, such activities must be authorized in advance by the President and Chief Executive Officer of PCOM and comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Unless approved in writing, no representation of affiliation with PCOM will constitute endorsement by the College.

PCOM’s Political Activities Policy can be found on the Resources Section of MyPCOM.