All students are required to complete all necessary health/physical examination forms and to have all immunizations and health-related records completed by the deadlines set by the Office of Student Wellness. Vaccinations are required, upon initial enrollment, for all students who have contact with patients, clients, or school students or whose program requires laboratory instruction. Psychology students must document immunizations prior to the clinical component of the academic program. Students in the Organizational Development and Leadership programs are not required to document immunizations.

Required Documentation of Vaccinations
Measles — two doses live virus vaccine after 1967
Tetanus — within past ten years
Rubella — two doses
Tuberculin Skin Test — within past 6-12 months
2-step PPD — required of pharmacy students only
Polio — four doses
Diphtheria/Pertussis — within past ten years
Mumps — two doses mumps vaccine
Hepatitis B — three doses plus titer (can be waived in writing)