College's Right to Separate Students

The College reserves the right, and the student, by the act of matriculation, concedes to the College the right, to separate a student from the College at any time deemed necessary to safeguard PCOM standards of scholarship, safety, conduct and compliance with regulations, or for such other reasons deemed appropriate by the College. Any member of the College faculty or any administrative supervisor or manager may exercise this right on behalf of the College and require a student to leave a College facility (or a facility where a College program is being conducted). Any faculty member or administrative supervisor or manager who takes such action shall immediately report the action and the reasons therefore to the President and/or the Provost.

If the President or Provost determines that the presence of a student would be disruptive to the College or represents a possible threat to the safety of faculty, students, staff, patients, clients or others, the President or Provost may immediately withdraw the student from all activities, placing the student on disciplinary suspension pending investigation and/or action by the Student Professional Conduct Committee, by placing the student on indefinite leave of absence, pending documentation of treatment and/or physical or mental fitness to return to studies or by permanently terminating the student’s enrollment.