Cancer Biology, PhD

The PhD in Cancer Biology program at PCOM is focused on understanding the biological and molecular basis of cancer initiation and progression with an emphasis on the process of drug discovery and therapeutic development.

Offered in partnership with The Ellen and Ronald Caplan Cancer Center at The Wistar Institute, the nation’s first independent institution devoted to biomedical research and training, the PhD in Cancer Biology prepares graduates for careers in cancer biology or drug development. Students will have access to state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and equipment. Additionally, students will participate in a cancer biology journal club where they will have the opportunity to discuss current research in molecular oncology, cancer genetics and more.

As a student in the PhD in Cancer Biology program, you will:

  • gain further understanding of the fundamental cellular process of cancer;
  • learn to successfully collaborate with others in a multidisciplinary environment;
  • develop effective work habits including the time management and organizational skills critical for career success;
  • apply clinical and translational research to human cancer studies; and
  • prepare for careers in academic, government or industrial research.

About the PhD in Cancer Biology Program

The PhD in Cancer Biology program is designed to be completed in 5-7 years of full-time study. The program is offered on PCOM's main campus in Philadelphia, PA and requires 99-121 credit hours to complete. All full-time students will receive a full scholarship, health insurance through PCOM and a stipend while they are in the program.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Term 1Hours
BIOM 611 Vaccines and Immune Therapies 3
BIOM 651 Pre-Thesis Lab Work 6
BIOM 690 Research Methods 1-3
Term 2
BIOM 501 Molecular Basis of Medicine 7
BIOM 651 Pre-Thesis Lab Work 6
Term 3
BIOM 506 Medical Pharmacology 3
BIOM 507 Physiology 3
BIOM 651 Pre-Thesis Lab Work 6
 Total Hours35-37