One Year Pre-Clinical Concentration

The Preclinical Studies concentration, offered at PCOM South Georgia, is designed to provide exposure to graduate level medical pathology and pharmacological topical areas in preparation for further studies in a professional health sciences setting or a career in the biomedical sciences.

Plan of Study Grid
Second Year
Term 1Hours
BIOM 601M Introduction to Pathology 3
BIOM 602M Introduction to Pharmacology 3
 Total Hours6
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Term 1Hours
BIOM 500M Medical Cell Biology and Biochemistry 5
BIOM 503M Medical Microbiology and Immunology 4
BIOM 507M Medical Terminology 1
Term 2
BIOM 504M Ethics and Professionalism 1
BIOM 505M Medical Anatomy 5
BIOM 506M Medical Physiology 4
Term 3
BIOM 508M Biomedical Anatomy Lab 2
BIOM 509M Biostatistics 3
BIOM 510M Neurophysiology 3
BIOM 511M Journal Club 1
BIOM 512M Medical Anatomy II 1
 Total Hours30