Research/Thesis Concentration

The PCOM Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences provides an opportunity for students with baccalaureate degrees to study the biomedical sciences as preparation for science careers or professional study. All students enter the program as candidates for the two year master of science degree. The first year of the program presents a broad content base in the basic biomedical sciences with a strong emphasis on human medicine and clinical applications of the material, followed by a concentration in the second year.

The Biomedical Research (Thesis) concentration on the South GA campus can be accomplished through collaboration with a regional institution. A student coordinates with the PCOM SGA Biomed Director and a faculty of interest at a regional university to design a research project that is mutually agreeable. Continued oversight and benchmarks for research as well as manuscript and thesis development are coordinated between student, PCOM faculty and the regional institution faculty to complete the project and written thesis as outlined in the PCOM SGA Biomedical MS handbook. 

2nd Year Requirements Research Thesis Concentration

Plan of Study Grid
Second Year
Term 1Hours
BIOM 682M Research Proposal 1
BIOM 691M Biomedical Research 1-8
Term 2
BIOM 691M Biomedical Research 1-8
Term 3
BIOM 683M Thesis Manuscript Development 0-1
BIOM 691M Biomedical Research 1-8
Total of 23 credit hours required in year two
 Total Hours4-26