Board of Trustees


  • Chairman of the Board
    • Thomas J. Gravina 
  • Vice Chairman
    • John B. Bulger, DO ‘95
  • Vice Chairman
    • Jerel A. Hopkins, Esq
  • Vice Chairman
    • A. Scott McNeal, DO ‘88
  • President and Chief Executive Officer
    • Jay S. Feldstein, DO ’81
  • Provost, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
    • Kenneth J. Veit, DO ’76, MBA, FACOFP
  • Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer
    • Peter Doulis, CPA
  • Chief Diversity and Community Relations Officer
    • Marcine Pickron-Davis, PhD
  • Chief Advancement and Strategic Planning Officer
    • Carrie Collins, JD, PhD
  • Chief Campus Officer, PCOM Georgia
    • R. Bryan Ginn Jr.1
  • Chief Legal Affairs Officer and Assistant Secretary
    • David F. Simon, JD 
  • Executive Assistant to the President and Secretary
    • Lynn A. Kush, BSBA

Members of the Board

James H. Black, DO, ’62, LLD (Hon)          

John B. Bulger, DO ‘95

Timothy P. Burgess                            

Joseph A. Dieterle, DO ’70    

Thelma Dye-Holmes, PhD                    

Matthew O. Elkes                                        

Jay S. Feldstein, DO ’81                              

Marla D. Golden, DO '88, MS, FACEP2                      

Thomas J. Gravina                                       

Jerel A. Hopkins, Esq                          

John P. Kearney

Vincent Lobo, DO ‘65

R. David McCleskey

A. Scott McNeal, DO ‘88

Wayne T. Sikes

Virginia A. Stallings, MD

William B. Swallow, DO ‘79, MS/FM '20, FACOFP3

Kenneth J. Veit, DO ’76 MBA, FACOFP


PCOM Board Only


Faculty Representative


Alumni Representative