Re-Applying to PCOM After Dismissal

Students who have been dismissed may re-apply to PCOM. A formal petition by the student must be made in writing to the Provost. A special subcommittee will convene to consider the request.

The student will be required to complete the Separation Reinstatement form, found on the Registrar's page.

Where appropriate, the subcommittee may also require a recommendation from the director of the respective professional or graduate program and an interview with the student. All prior college-related data is available to the committee.

The committee may recommend that conditions be placed on any approval for reinstatement. All reinstatements are probationary for the re-entry year.

The recommendation of the subcommittee is subject to approval by the senior academic officer of the student’s academic program in consultation with the Provost.

Please Note: Re-enrollment following a dismissal may affect federal financial aid eligibility.