Student Status Updates

Enrollment Reporting – Time statuses

PCOM submits Enrollment Reporting during the last week of every month.  The process is run through Banner and the file is uploaded to the NSC database for processing.  NSC checks the file submission for any errors or inconsistencies and sends an Error Resolution Report to be reviewed and/or corrected.  Once the file is processed, NSC will send another update on any additional issues that may need to be addressed.  These are reviewed in NSC and any necessary changes will be made at that time. 

From the 1st of the month during the first week of the month, NSLDS says a roster file to NSC.  The NSLDS roster file contains the enrollment information NSLDS has for all students.  The file submitted to NSC at the end of the previous month is then used to update NSLDS with the most recent and accurate enrollment information in the PCOM SIS.

Enrollment Reporting – Graduation Status          

Graduates are reported when the monthly enrollment reporting file is submit at the end of each month.  Students who may have been “off-cycle” or “out of sequence” may have different graduation dates and their degrees will be conferred as they complete their program requirements.  A process is run through Banner every week for the duration of the Spring and Summer terms.  This Graduate file allows NSC to be kept up to date on any new Graduate statuses that may have taken place since month-end enrollment reporting file was submitted. 

Once the Graduate file is processed by NSC they will release an error report with the opportunity to correct update any information that may appear inaccurate or inconsistent with the information NSC has.  This process takes place weekly and will continue throughout the end of the Summer term to ensure all Graduate statuses