CAGS Biomedical Science General Studies

This CAGS is designed for those students who desire to strengthen their academic acumen in the Biomedical sciences in preparation for admission to a health professional program. 

Student are required to successfully complete all foundational (1st year) course before pursuing the CAGS.

A CAGS in General Studies will only be granted to students who successfully complete a MS degree in Biomedical Sciences at PCOM

Electives, Choose Four
BIOM 603GConcepts in Pharmacology Toxicology3
BIOM 604GNutritional Biochemistry3
BIOM 610GMedical Immunology3
BIOM 611GMedical Microbiology3
BIOM 613GMolecular Genetics (Required Courses)3
BIOM 614GDevelopmental Neuroscience3
BIOM 615GVascular Control Mechanisms3
BIOM 617GHuman Virology Biology3
BIOM 620GHuman Viruses Vaccines and Infectious Diseases3
BIOM 621GComputational Neuroscience3
BIOM 622GAdvanced Cardio Pulmonary Renal Physiology3
BIOM 624GEmbryological Basis of Disease3
BIOM 625GCurrent Challenges in Infectious Diseases3
Not all courses are offered each term or each year. Courses are either 3 credits or 4 credits. Depending on the combination of four courses completed for the CAGS, the total number of credits will be 12-16 credits. All Biomedical Program and PCOM policies and procedures as presented in the current handbooks apply to students completing a CAGS in General studies.