General Studies Capstone Concentration

Biomedical Sciences– General Studies Capstone concentration
Students will be exposed to diverse, relevant, cutting-edge topical areas in biomedical sciences including genetics, physiology, pharmacology, virology, neuroscience, and nutritional biochemistry.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Term 1Hours
BIOM 549G Scientific Communication 2
BIOM 550G Research Survey Seminar 0
BIOM 553G Basic Concepts Biomedical Model 2
BIOM 562G Homeostasis and Organ Systems I 5
BIOM 559G Biostatistics 2
Term 2
BIOM 550G Research Survey Seminar 0
BIOM 558G Biochemistry, Cell, & Molecular Biology 5
BIOM 554G Neuroscience 3
BIOM 618G Epidemiology 1
Term 3
BIOM 563G Homeostasis and Organ Systems II 5
Micro Anatomy and Embryology
or HNRS Micro Anatomy and Embryology
 Total Hours29

Second Year

Four Required Courses                                            Credits

BIOM 606G Analytical Reading, Molecular Reading                1

BIOM 612G Historical Development of Current Themes in Biomedical Research                1

BIOM 618G Epidemiology                                                 1

Choose either BIOM 607G or BIOM 650G

BIOM 607G Indepen Study/Scientific Compo                 6

BIOM 650G Special Topics in Biomedical Science Research and Methods                 6

Total required credits = 9 credits

Elective Courses - choose five 3 credit courses from the list below (courses listed are 3 credit courses)

BIOM 603G Concepts in Pharmacology Toxicology

BIOM 604G Nutritional Biochemistry

BIOM 610G Medical Immunology

BIOM 611G Medical Microbiology

BIOM 619G Medical Microbiology Method Practicum*  1 Credit

BIOM 613G Molecular Genetics

BIOM 614G Developmental Neuroscience

BIOM 615G Vascular Control Mechanisms

BIOM 617G Human Virology Biology

BIOM 620G Human Viruses Vaccines and Infectious Diseases

BIOM 621G Computational Neuroscience

BIOM 622G Advanced Cardio Pulmonary Renal Physiology

BIOM 624G Embryological Basis of Disease

BIOM 625G Current Challenges in Infectious Diseases

*BIOM 619G is a 1-credit course

**Not all electives are offered every year

Total elective credits = 15 credits

Total credits required for completion of General Studies concentration = 24 credits