General Studies Capstone Concentration

Biomedical Sciences– General Studies Capstone concentration
This concentration’s upper-level curriculum involves seminars and the composition and presentation of an original manuscript supervised by members of the PCOM faculty on the Georgia (Suwanee) campus location. The curriculum consists of Required and Elective credits, with a total of 24 credits required. Students will be exposed to diverse, relevant, cutting-edge topical areas in biomedical sciences including genetics, microbiology, physiology, pharmacology, virology, neuroscience, and nutritional biochemistry. Courses are offered at the Georgia (Suwanee) campus location.

Upon completion of the General Studies concentration curriculum, the student is expected to be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of specific coursework topical information and research methodology.
  • Demonstrate competency in the following skills:
    • Development of research design.
    • Approaches to quantitation of results.
    • Written and oral presentation of research.
  • Apply their knowledge and skills toward:
    • Entry into/progression through a variety of industrial fields.
    • Entry into/progression through careers in teaching multiple academic levels.
    • Continuation in a variety of advanced graduate and professional studies.

2nd Year Requirements General Studies Capstone

Four Required Courses
BIOM 606GAnalytical Reading, Molecular Reading1
BIOM 612GHistorical Development of Current Themes in Biomedical Research1
One of the Following
BIOM 607GIndependent Study/Scientific Composition4
or BIOM 612G Historical Development of Current Themes in Biomedical Research
Total Required Credits = 6
Elective Courses - Choose Six of these 3 credit courses
BIOM 601MIntroduction to Pathology3
BIOM 603GConcepts in Pharmacology Toxicology3
BIOM 604GNutritional Biochemistry3
BIOM 610GMedical Immunology3
BIOM 611GMedical Microbiology3
BIOM 613GMolecular Genetics3
BIOM 614GDevelopmental Neuroscience3
BIOM 615GBiomedical Bases of Medicine3
BIOM 617GHuman Virology Biology3
BIOM 620GHuman Viruses Vaccines and Infectious Diseases3
BIOM 621GComputational Neuroscience3
BIOM 622GAdvanced Cardio Pulmonary Renal Physiology3
BIOM 624GEmbryological Basis of Disease3
BIOM 625GCurrent Challenges in Infectious Diseases3
BIOM 628GTopics in Global Health3
BIOM 629GAdvanced Gastrointestinal and Endocrine Physiology3
Not all electives are offered every year
Total Credits for completion of General Studies concentration = 24 credits