Forensic Biology Concentration

Combined training in the fields of Biomedical Sciences and Forensic Medicine provides students in the Forensic Biology Concentration with an array of engaging career options. The Forensic Biology Concentration focuses on the emerging demand for medico-legal investigations by medical examiner staff and provides a foundation in forensic investigations as well as autopsy skills.

The Forensic Biology Concentration students receive practical instruction through coursework and an integrated capstone course. Coursework is a combination of online instruction and mostly scheduled as intensive weekend sessions (Friday-Sunday). 

As one of the only forensic medicine programs in the region developed and overseen by a board-certified forensic pathologist, all within a medical school environment, PCOM's Master of Science (MS) in Biomedical Sciences with a concentration in Forensic Biology is uniquely positioned to prepare its graduates for success in the field.


This concentration is only offered at the Philadelphia campus. Students at our Georgia campuses who wish to pursue this option will be required to travel to the Philadelphia campus at least one weekend each month and complete a capstone project.

2nd Year Requirements Forensic Medicine Concentration

Plan of Study Grid
Second Year
Term 1Hours
FMED 500 Pathology for Forensic Medicine (Online course) 4
Term 2
FMED 501 Principles of Forensic Medicine I 6
Term 3
FMED 502 Principles of Forensic Medicine II 6
Term 4
FMED 508 Capstone: Integrative Experience 8
 Total Hours24