PCOM SOUTH GEORGIA: Departments and Faculty

The Faculty of PCOM – Teaching in South Georgia

A highly-qualified faculty of physicians, educators, scientists and support staff implement the educational goals of the College. Faculty members are dedicated to the singular purpose of educating students for the skilled and caring practice of osteopathic medicine. Faculty concentration and dedication show in the teaching students receive.

Bio-Medical Sciences
Linda Adkison, PhD  (Genetics)
Savita Arya, MD, MBBS (Pathology)
Mindy George Weinstein, PhD  (Anatomy)
Nikita Mirajkar, PhD (Pharmacology)
Edward Shaw, PhD (Microbiology and Immunology)

Associate Professors
Rasheed Agboola, MD, MBBS, MSc (Pathology)
Shiv Dhiman, MD, MBBS (Anatomy) 
Stacie Fairley, PhD (Microbiology and Immunology)
Md Emranul Huq, PhD  (Anatomy)
Thomas Last, PhD (Biochemistry and Cellular Genetics)
Joshua Owalabi, PhD (Anatomy, Neuroanatomy & Histology)
Jennifer Shaw, PhD (Physiology)
Brandy Sreenilayam, PhD (Biochemistry and Cellular Genetics)
Sandeep Vansal, PhD, RPh (Pharmacology)
Robert Walker, PhD (Physiology)
Rekha Yesudas, PhD (Pharmacology)

Sebastian Egberts, MS (Anatomy)

Emergency Medicine
Associate Professor

Marla Golden, DO, MS

Assistant Professors
Gino Alberto, DO, MPH
Nilam Vaughan, DO

Family Medicine
George Fredrick, MD

Associate Professor
Lauren Ball, DO, MPH

Internal Medicine
Clinical Assistant Professor
Daryl Crenshaw, MD

Assistant Professor
Randall Sisam, DO, MBA
Clinical Assistant Professor
Steven Kitchen, MD

Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine
Associate Professor
Kristie Petree, DO

Assistant Professors
Phillip Miller-Goerlitz, DO
Matthew Shelnutt, DO


Erik Langenau, DO

Associate Professor
Winston Price, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor
Lacey Chambers, MD

Clinical Associate Professor
Ryan Smith, DO

Clinical Assistant Professor
Randall Lee McGill, MD
Associate Professors
Robert Lloyd, DO
Brian Mann, EdD

Assistant Professor
Frederick Powell, MD, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor
Brendan Griffis, DO