Disciplinary Procedures

Upon the Provost's initiative, or at the request of any member of the faculty or administration of the College, the Provost may designate a representative to act on their behalf to conduct an investigation. If a member of the faculty or administration orally requests that disciplinary proceedings be initiated, the oral request must be confirmed in writing within 72 hours.

The Provost will initiate disciplinary proceedings against a student(s) if there is reasonable probability to believe that a violation has occurred based upon the information received.

In determining whether disciplinary action is warranted, the Provost or their representative may conduct an informal investigation of the matter, which may include interviewing the affected student(s) or the student(s) against whom disciplinary proceedings have been recommended.

The Provost will notify the Chair of the Student Professional Conduct Committee if it is determined that disciplinary actions are warranted.

If the Provost determines that the presence of the alleged offender would be disruptive to the College or would endanger the College or affiliated training sites or any involved personnel, they may immediately suspend the student(s) in question from the College.