Notice of Hearing

The Chair of the Student Professional Conduct Committee shall give written notice of the behavior in question to the alleged offender, at least 7 business days prior to the date of the proceedings, unless an earlier hearing date is agreed to in writing by the student or an attorney acting on his or her behalf.

The notice shall also set forth:
1) The time and date of the hearing.
2) A clear and concise statement of the behavior that is alleged to violate professional standards.
3) A list of witnesses that are expected to appear.

The student shall reply to the charges against him/her no later than two business days prior to the hearing. The student must also provide a list of any witnesses he or she plans to call on his or her behalf. The student must indicate in the response if he or she intends to use an attorney or other advisor.

Please Note: The College has the right to supplement the list of witnesses it expects to appear, up to two business days before the hearing. The time for the hearing may be changed for good cause.