Level Four Violations

Level Four violations represent the most serious breaches of academic integrity. 

Examples include:

  1. Committing a violation of academic integrity after returning from suspension for a previous violation of academic integrity.
  2. Committing a violation of academic integrity that breaks the law or resembles criminal activity (such as forging a grade form, stealing an examination from a professor or from a College office, buying a stolen examination, falsifying a transcript to gain access to the College or its resources, or altering the record of work done at the College).
  3. Having a substitute take an examination or taking an examination for someone else.
  4. Fabricating evidence, falsifying data, quoting directly or paraphrasing without acknowledging the source, and/or presenting the ideas of another as one’s own in a senior thesis, a master’s thesis, a doctoral dissertation, a scholarly article submitted for publication, or any other work represented as his or her own by a graduate or professional student.
  5. Sabotaging another student’s work through actions designed to prevent the student from successfully completing an assignment.  


May result in permanent dismissal from the College.