Level One Violations

Level One violations may occur because of inexperience or lack of knowledge of the principles of academic integrity and are often characterized by the absence of dishonest intent on the part of the student committing the violation. These violations generally are quite limited in extent (e.g., 1–2 sentences), occur on a minor assignment, and represent a small fraction of the total course work.

Examples include:

  1. Working with another student on a minor laboratory exercise or homework assignment when such collaboration is prohibited.
  2. Failure to footnote or give proper acknowledgment in a very limited section of an assignment.


May include one or more of the following, although this list is not all-inclusive:

  1. Required participation in a noncredit workshop or seminar on ethics or academic integrity.
  2. An assigned paper or research project related to ethics or academic integrity.
  3. A make-up assignment that is more difficult than the original assignment.
  4. No credit for the original assignment.
  5. Disciplinary warning.