Level Three Violations

Level Three violations are breaches of academic integrity that are more serious in nature or that affect a more significant aspect or portion of the course work compared with Level Two violations.  

Examples include:

  1. Repeat Level Two violations.
  2. Presenting the work of another as one’s own.
  3. Copying work on exams.
  4. Plagiarizing portions of a written assignment.
  5. Acting to facilitate copying during an exam.
  6. Using prohibited materials, such as books, notes, or calculators, during an examination.
  7. Conspiring before an exam to develop methods of illicitly exchanging information during the exam.
  8. Altering examinations for the purposes of re-grading.
  9. Acquiring or distributing copies of an examination from an unauthorized source prior to the examination period.
  10. Submitting purchased materials such as a term paper.
  11. Fabricating data by inventing or deliberately altering material. Fabrication includes citing “sources” that are not, in fact, sources.
  12. Falsifying information to receive an extension or other modification for an exam adjustment.


May include an F for the course and probation for one or more terms or permanent dismissal, depending on the seriousness of the violation.