The Code of Conduct

PCOM’s core Code of Conduct is the commitment to uphold all legal requirements in an environment that maintains the highest standards of ethical behavior. This Code of Conduct applies to all PCOM trustees, officers, faculty, students and employees, including PCOM- affiliated physicians, physicians-in-training, physician assistants, pharmacists, psychologists, and other individuals involved in the provision of health care services (herein, “Health Care Professionals,” collectively, the “PCOM Community,” or, individually a “PCOM Community Member,” unless otherwise indicated. The Code of Conduct is the foundation that guides the policies, procedures and practices that are the framework for our interactions with patients, suppliers, vendors, regulatory agencies, the surrounding community, and each other. It is not meant to detract from or otherwise amend any faculty by-laws or the Faculty Handbook or the Student Handbook, or to replace any of PCOM’s more detailed policies and procedures.

It is the duty of each PCOM Community Member to understand and accept this Code of Conduct and to comply with all of PCOM’s standards, policies and procedures.