College Disciplinary Policy

PCOM adheres to a disciplinary policy designed to ensure the safety, integrity, and security of all members of the PCOM community and the individuals PCOM students serve in clinical settings. PCOM mandates compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws and with the stated rules and regulations of PCOM.

While it is not possible to enumerate all forms of behavior that would constitute a violation of the Code of Conduct and Ethics Code, the following are some examples of unacceptable behaviors that would raise serious questions concerning a student’s ability to continue to study at the College, and/or in such student’s ability to practice as a professional after graduation:

  1. Assault or battery, threat of force or violence or any other action or omission that would jeopardize the health or welfare of any member of the College or personnel at a training site, including, without limitation, members of the faculty, administrative or professional staff, students, employees, patients or visitors;
  2. Violation of any local, state or federal law;
  3. Academic dishonesty in any form;
  4. Knowingly furnishing false information to the College;
  5. Breaches of confidentiality in the course of patient care;
  6. Drug or alcohol abuse;
  7. Forgery, alteration or misuse of College or training site documents, records or identification;
  8. Abuse, malicious misuse, damage or destruction of College or training site property;
  9. Abusive or disrespectful conduct toward members of the faculty, administrative or professional staff, employees, students, patients or visitors to PCOM;
  10. Obstruction or disruption of teaching, research, patient care or any other College or training activities;
  11. Unauthorized entry into prohibited areas;
  12. Violation of any other duly established rules and regulations of the College, affiliated hospitals or any affiliated institution; and
  13. Violation of the school’s social media policy.

As used in the previous examples, the College premises and College property shall include the premises and property of any affiliated institution or training sites where PCOM students pursue activities for academic credit. Also included is conduct related to participation in any activities under the auspices of the College or its student organizations.