Policy on the Possession of Dangerous Articles

It is the policy of PCOM to provide a safe work environment for our students and employees. We are committed to providing a work and learning environment free from dangerous articles of any kind.

Possession of firearms on the PCOM campus is strictly forbidden. Faculty, students, employees, or visitors may not possess or use firearms, ammunition, knives and other weapons, gunpowder, fireworks, explosives, gasoline and other dangerous articles and substances on College property. Normal laboratory materials are excluded from this policy when used in a laboratory setting.

This policy applies regardless of any permits the student or employee may own.

An individual who violates this policy should be reported to the Campus Safety and Security Department on their campus. Violators will be subject to immediate dismissal and/or civil or criminal action.

For more detail, see PCOM’s Possession of Dangerous Articles Policy on the Resources Section of MyPCOM.