Non-Discrimination Policy

PCOM policy prohibits discrimination on the basis of age, race, sex, color, gender, gender identity and expression, national origin, ethnicity, ancestry, sexual orientation, religion, creed, disability, genetic information, marital status or any other legally protected class. Please refer to the Policy Statements and Compliance Procedures on Equal Education and Employment Opportunity at: opportunity.html. If a student believes that they have experienced discrimination at PCOM, as stated above, the student is encouraged to report promptly to the Equity and Title IX

Coordinator (Rowland Hall, 4190 City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131, Telephone: (215) 871-6528 or Email: or Ethicspoint at (844) 337-3613 or online at

PCOM’s Non–Discrimination policy (#1.37) can be found on the Resources Section of MyPCOM.